“Give the Gift of Life: Donate
Blood Now!”

Help us make a difference by giving the gift of life. Your blood donation has the potential to save lives and give hope to those in need.

At St Theresa’s Blood Bank, we are committed to ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in our community. Our experienced team follows stringent screening and testing procedures to ensure the highest quality of blood products.

Why should you donate blood?

  • Someone need blood every 2 seconds.
  • Your contribution can assist accident victims, those suffering from medical ailments, and those receiving life-saving surgery.
  • It just takes a few minutes of your time, but it might mean the world to someone in need.

How can you assist?

  • Visit our blood bank at [Address], or look for a mobile blood drive near you.
  • Our helpful team will walk you through the simple, quick, and painless donation procedure.
  • Throughout the donation process, you will be given a mini-physical and handled with respect.
  • Spread the word and invite your friends, family, and coworkers to join you in donating blood. We can make a major difference and save lives if we work together.

Don’t put it off any longer—act now! To find out more, follow the link below.
Don’t put it off any longer—act now! Click the link below to learn more and make an appointment to donate blood. Let us join forces to save lives!