A camp for volunteer outdoor blood donation is held at educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations.

  • The organizer agree on a day, time, and location for the camp well in advance.
  • The numbers of expected donations are discussed with the organizers.
  • The Blood Bank’s camp managers visit the location to evaluate its viability for holding the camp.
  • IEC materials on the topic are given to the organizers so they can display them in their workspaces.
  • The location must be hygienic and have all the necessary amenities, including enough room, furniture, coolers, etc., as well as being well illuminated and ventilated.
  • In order for the timely processing of blood bags into their components, the camp should start on time.
  • It should be prohibited to overcrowd the location.
  • Donors must have access to comfortable and sufficient seating.
  • The bleeding area needs sufficient lighting and suitable ventilation.
  • Donors and Blood Bank personnel will have access to drinking water and tea or coffee.


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