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At our Blood Bank, we provide a variety of Blood bank services geared at meeting hospitals’ and patients’ important blood supply needs.

St. Theresa’s Hospital began in 1960 as a modest dispensary in Somajiguda, Hyderabad, serving suburban residents. At the time, the primary emphasis was on primary preventive care and nursing care. Over the years, this dispensary was relocated to Sanath Nagar and converted into a community general hospital run by the JMJ Sisters.

St Theresa’s Multi Specialty Hospital is a humanitarian facility owned and operated by the Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph. On February 25, 1974, St. Theresa’s General Hospital was officially opened. With the passage of time, medical advances and a growing population prompted an evolution that changed the institution into a multi-dimensional approach that includes blood banks and others.

St Theresa Blood Centre

St. Theresa’s Hospital Blood Centre, established in 2010 with the Association of St. Theresa Hospital to give blood and blood components for the benefit of the various communities. We serve with a multi-dimensional approach that includes a blood bank, a blood donation centre, a mobile blood collection bank, a blood collection centre, a unique blend of blood components, and 24-hour blood availability. We are dedicated to providing sophisticated equipment and cutting-edge technology and make every effort to provide the highest quality blood and blood components to thalassemia children and other hospitals.

We have introduced Gel technology for blood cross-matching and the fully automated ARCHITECT i1000 SR (Abbott) for COVID antibody detection and viral screening (HCV, HIV, and HBsAg), which reduces the window period of viral infections and ensures safe blood transfusion. We have backup equipment for each methodology to ensure continuous and high-quality product output. We had a Level-5 leukoreduction apheresis machine (Trima Accel), which had an integrated Leukocyte Reduction System (LRS) chamber and didn’t allow leukocytes to collect in an SDP bag. A “sterile device connector” (Terumo Penpol for paediatrics) is also available.


To establish as a the premier blood centre with the ambition of developing the finest quality blood and blood components for thalassemia children, socially and economically disadvantaged and other hospitals through our steadfast devotion, innovation, and partnerships in order to have a major impact on their well-being.


Our mission is to be the top blood centre, exclusively focused on meeting the blood requirements of hospitals, Thalassemia patients, and socially and economically disadvantaged in urban and remote villages in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

We are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring a sustainable and reliable blood supply through 24/7 service.
  • Collaborating with healthcare providers and Hospitals.
  • Creating awareness camps, promoting blood donation, Health awareness talks ( Allopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy),
  • Diagnostic Camps, and Vaccination Camps in Colleges, Corporate offices, and slum areas.
  • Providing comprehensive support to socially and economically disadvantaged thalassemia patients.
  • Conducting research and innovation.

St Theresa’s Blood center